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Functional Adaptive Movement™ Ltd (FAM™) is dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities through group exercise classes and personalized one-on-one training sessions. Our establishment in 2018 marked the beginning of a journey that has since touched the lives of over 500 individuals with disabilities in New Zealand, each with their unique abilities and challenges.

As we continue to grow, our unwavering mission remains constant: to offer people with disabilities the opportunity to partake in strength and conditioning training, promoting improved fitness and daily functionality. At FAM™, we don't merely see our clients as participants; we view them as athletes who form the very bedrock of our FAMily.

Our FAMily extends its embrace to encompass healthcare and disability organizations, devoted support workers, aspiring students, and, most significantly, our knowledgeable and passionate coaches. Beyond the evident physical benefits of participating in FAM™ sessions, being a part of our FAMily cultivates a profound sense of belonging. It serves as a bridge to the community, fostering the growth of social and professional networks.

Join us at FAM™, where we're more than just a fitness program; we're a community committed to making a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.

Michael Hynard

CEO / Founder

Michael's journey in the realm of health and fitness isn't just a career; it's a profound calling and a heartfelt passion deeply rooted in a personal connection.

In 1996, Michael's daughter Siobhan, only one year old at the time, received a life-altering diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy and other conditions. This moment ignited a resolute sense of purpose within Michael.

Inspired by his own experiences, Michael founded the FAM™ Program. He believes that success in this field requires a collaborative approach, especially for those with special needs. Michael collaborates with specialists from various fields to ensure the program serves athletes comprehensively.

Michael is an AdaptX-Certified Inclusive and Adaptive Fitness Coach, an ATA (Adaptive Training Academy) certified Adaptive & Inclusive Trainer, and a national martial arts champion. He also holds a CrossFit Level 2 trainer designation and a 1st Dan in traditional Jiu Jitsu.

Before founding FAM™, Michael gained experience in the corporate sector as a salesperson and sales & leadership coach. These experiences honed his adaptability and people skills.

Clients describe Michael as enthusiastic, profoundly knowledgeable, impeccably professional, and exceptionally motivating. His commitment to enriching lives is unwavering and humbling.

Meet the Team

Karla Granville

Operations / Delivery Manager & Coach

Kia Ora ! After having worked in several operational management roles in the hospitality industry, I recently completed a BSR in Sport and Exercise Science & Nutrition, this has allowed me to gain an academic and professional focus of functional fitness. Programming movement for the body and mind results in increased overall strength and wellbeing, FAM™ facilitates this through inclusive group exercise and one on one training sessions which then quickly brings about enhanced happiness, and improves quality of life.

My time with FAM™ began as a Volunteer, gradually following with becoming a Coach, and now I’m grateful to be working with Michael to help improve and extend the FAM™ programs in an operational management role. With research, education, and support for our team of coaches, collectively we will find ways to continue championing inclusion, adaptation, and accessibility for all in safe and supportive environments.

Personally, I am also looking forward to part-time post graduate studies with a focus on adaptive functional fitness and clinical physiology. Still love a bit of competitive sport more recently with Surf Lifesaving and surf boat rowing, but these days it’s mostly all about swimming in the ocean or getting on my kayak when I can, walking in the forest and finding my happy place with my dog. JOY!

Diogo Friere


Diogo is a Strength and Movement coach who is passionate about working with people to develop their skills, strength and confidence in everyday tasks. Through his experience coaching kids and adults, he focuses on where his clients are at and helping them enjoy the small incremental wins a good process brings.

He takes his work seriously, all the while not taking himself too seriously - he believes that having fun, some banter and connecting with people is paramount for an enjoyable workout (and life, isn't it?). When not working with his clients, he's likely to be practicing Olympic Weightlifting (his sport/obsession of choice) or doing some core strengthening as his two young boys use him as a human trampoline

Chloe Beach


Chloe is an exercise physiologist who is passionate about helping people of all ability levels reach their exercise and training goals. Exercise looks different for everyone, and she thrives on creating a space where people can confidently explore this, while finding fun and creative ways for exercise to best suit the needs of each individual. Her wide range of experience in various sporting and clinical settings brings a comfortable and safe environment for those wanting to find their place in the gym. She believes that a fun and upbeat atmosphere allows the process to be enjoyable, while getting STRONG. Chloe believes that the strength we create through exercise, translates into the strength we bring to our day to day living. When not working, she can most definitely be found on the beach or outdoors with her four-legged baby. Or with her family, exploring the beauty New Zealand has to offer.

Grace Felton


Kia ora! I am studying my BSc in Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Bath in the UK, focusing on physiology and biomechanics and am currently working in NZ with Harbour Sport in leading their Disability and Inclusion space as part of my placement year. That activity lead me to FAM! I am super excited to support the local community as FAM coach as I am passionate about helping people, paying particular attention to technique and the finer details to health and exercise. Throughout my life I have played various sports and made my way into talent pathways for football. Various injuries lead me to powerlifting but more recently I have found my new love, Olympic Weightlifting. Outside of FAM, I love spending time with friends whether that is at the beach, in the gym or at home.

Arna Abbott

Coach & Physiotherapist

From the first phone call I had with Mike, I knew FAM was something special and I wanted to be involved. Fast-forward to now when they put the call out for coaches, the stars aligned and I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the FAMily. I love working with people, hearing their stories and helping them meet their goals, no matter what they are. I am energetic, compassionate and love sharing my knowledge, thinking outside of the box and empowering my clients. I truly love what I do. When I have my physio hat on, I am likely working on my other passion project: my business Mpower Health. Our motto is 'your life, your journey' and our goal is to provide an inclusive approach to physiotherapy for every person. The values between myself, our business and FAM perfectly align and I can't wait to see how this partnership grows. I look forward to being on the journey with FAM and adding value and empowering the wonderful people I meet along the way.

               Yuan Pu​


Kia Ora! 

I'm Yuan. 

I just finished my BSR, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Nutrition. I enjoy discovering people's different strengths through daily training to help them improve their strength, skills and self-efficacy more effectively. In addition to this, being active in training and experimenting with different cuisines is what makes me happiest outside of work and I aim to share this with my friends by associating food with an active and healthy lifestyle!


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