This class has a mix of athletes from IDEA Services Vocational Program and Geneva Elevator Health Care provider. The athletes are 20 yrs+ with a variety of cognitive abilities and extraordinary identities. The energy in this class is unmatched and it's impossible to leave class without laughing and feeling uplifted. 

This session is a blended session of in-class and virtual, it is streamed live to several homes of Idea Services. We are expecting around 25-30 athletes per session.

Mixed Adult Cognitive Class | one hour per week in-class & virtual combo

  • The cost of one session is $130 excl GST due to the nature of the class (in-class & virtual) and the number of athletes.  

    FAM™ guarantees the total number of sessions fostered. Should the sessions fall into the school holidays or can't be attended for any reason, the sessions will be carried over to the next available date for the group. 

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