Central Auckland Specialist School (CASS) is a place of learning for students who have an intellectual disability, many of whom also have physical, sensory or behavioural difficulties. CASS serves the suburbs of Central Auckland and has a Base School (3 classes) in Mt Roskill, StAR site (5 classes), and satellite classes in, May Rd School, Dominion Rd School, Oranga School, Balmoral Intermediate, Waikowhai Intermediate, and Onehunga High School. The students of the school range from 5 to 21 years of age, all of which qualify for the Ongoing Resource Scheme, funded by the Ministry of Education.

Central Auckland Specialist School opened on the 28th January 2018.  We were formed from the merger of Carlson School for Cerebral Palsy and Sunnydene Special School.  Both schools had a long history in central Auckland and offered targeted teaching and learning for students, some of whom have complex needs.  These areas of specialist knowledge and practices have been carried through into our new school. We currently have a role of 136 students and are awaiting our new school build of which the Ministry of Education has assigned a budget and are in the process of design drawings that best suit the needs of our learners.

CASS have a long association with FAM (Functional Adaptive Movement). Michael Hynard has been instrumental in providing physical programmes that meet the needs of our students with the assistance of his volunteers and employees. The needs of our students range from Cerebral Palsy, behavioural challenges, Autism, Down Sydrome amongst others. All of our students have an intellectual disability. CASS mostly send our Senior classes consisting of High School and our Transition (18-21 year old students). Not only do we find the physical benefits for our students outstanding but also the added social skills, communication, problem solving, managing self in a community setting outside of school.

Central Auckland Specialist School | one hour per week in-class & virtual combo

  • The cost of one session is $130 excl GST. This session is a blended session of in-class and virtual, it is streamed live to several classes at CASS. We are expecting over 25 athletes per session. 

    FAM™ guarantees the total number of sessions fostered. Should the sessions fall into the school holidays or can't be attended for any reason, the sessions will be carried over to the next available date for the group. 

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