What if a class gets cancelled for good mid-way through fostering?

In the rare case that a class gets cancelled for good, we will contact you to discuss which other class you would like to foster.

How many athletes are there per FAM™ class?

The classes are capped at 18 per class if it is a physical in-class session. This allows the coaches and support staff with the ability to safely conduct and manage a class. However, some classes are run in-class and virtual at the same time, in that case up to 30 athletes attend.

Where do the volunteers come from that support FAM™?

Volunteers come in the form of students from Sport and Rec, Physio, Occupational Therapy, Nursing and Physical Education faculties from local universities. We have corporate volunteers who have elected to give back to the community by helping on the FAM™ Program. We partner with 'Be Collective' (volunteer management platform) for volunteers to register for volunteering. The volunteers get a great timesheet and a social CV (resumee) for their time with us.

What is the background of the FAM™ coaches and how are they trained?

The FAM™ founder & CEO Mike has been an adaptive coach for over seven years and is constantly upskiling new skills to keep the program fresh and the coaches up to date. FAM™ has two other coaches, Jodie & Becca, who have a background in Sport & Rec. Both started of volunteering in the FAM™ program for over 12 months as part of their onboarding into FAM™ and have now coached the program for more than 6 months. Both also completed extra specialist training courses and receive continuous mentoring and upskilling. Mike and the team consult regularely to ensure continuity of coaching across all classes.

Are the athletes covered in the school holidays?

If the class is from a school, the athletes won't be attending during school holiday. FAM™ guarantees the full number of sessions fostered. Should the sessions fall into the school holidays or can't be attended for any reason, the sessions will be carried over to the next available date for the group.

When will I get a sponsorship certificate?

You will get your certificate of sponsorship at the end of your sponsorship period.

What do you mean by MIXED classes?

We do our best to offer classes that are safe and as inclusive as possible. We try to open the classes for similar age groups from various locations. This enables social inclusion and interaction.

Is the FAM™ Program and Sponsorship available Nationally?

We are working hard to train up new engaged and willing coaches to expand nationally. Get in touch if you want to get involved. Yes, we have individuals that need your fostering via the virtual FAM™ program (FAM™On The Move FAMOTM)

What happens to a class when the fostering support expires?

Prior to the end of your fostering period we will engage with you if you want to continue fostering that class. If not, we will endeavour to find a new sponsor or work with the class to get funding. It is our mission to offer the differently-abled folk on the program their rights to access training.

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